Discovering Karol Rathaus

The music of Karol Rathaus was heard in New York for the first time in more than 30 years in the series of events initiated by film’s producers and co-organized in collaboration with Aaron Copland School of Music, Bard College and the Center for Jewish History. Very few people believed that we would be able to pull it off, but with the steadfast support of Dr. Edward Smaldone (ACSM), Maestro  Leon Botstein (Bard college), Michael Leavitt (American Society for Jewish Music) and many other people  the impossible was accomplished. The festival has become a reality. Events of the festival will play an important role in our film, but we hope that it has also marked a new era in recognition of importance of the composer Karol Rathaus and his music.

. Rathaus festival .

February 19 - February 24, 2019

Tuesday, February 19th, Aaron Copland School of Muisic

Master class on early 20th century music was led by Daniel Wnukowski.

To our delight several students participated in the class with piano music by Rathaus.

After the master class
Daniel Wnukowski with ACSM faculty members Edwrd Smaldone, Doanld Pirone, Morey Ritt
Wednesday, February 20th, Queens College

“German and True”: German Jewish Assimilation and Music:

Lecture and discussion by Michael Haas

Thursday, February 21st, Center for Jewish History

Rathaus and his circle: round table discussion and a chamber music concert.

Michael Haas and Leon Botstein talked about Rathaus and his fate with Michael Leavitt (president of the American Society for Jewish Music) moderating. 

Music by Karol Rathaus, Leo Kraft and Max Kowalski was performed by Daniel Wnukowski, Donald Pirone (piano), Charles Neidich (clarinet), David Jolley (horn), Samuel Katz (violin), Robert Weintraub (baritone) and Lin Li Weintraub (piano). 

This event featured first performance of Rathaus’ piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 8, which thought to be lost, since its premiere in 1924. 

(Left to right) Michael Haas, Michael Leavitt, Leon Botstein
Donald Pirone and Charles Niedich
Saturday, February 23rd, Film Forum

Film screening: “Broken Blossoms”, UK, 1936, directed by John Brahm, starring Dolly Haas with music by Karol Rathaus

(From left to right) Daniel Wnukowski, Michael Haas, Louisa Hirschfeld Cullmann, Lev Deych, Bruce Goldstein. After the screening at the Film Forum
Louise Hirschfeld Cullmann presents Dolly Haas in Broken Blossoms
Daniel Wnukowski performs an excerpt from Rathaus' music before the screening.
Sunday, February 24th, Kupferberg Center for the Arts, Lefrak Hall

Concert of orchestral music by Karol Rathaus. The Orchestra Now, conductor Leon Botstein, piano Daniel Wnukowski.

The program of the concert included the US premiere of Symphony No.2, Op. 7, the New York premiere of Louisville Prelude, Op. 71, and the world premiere of the orchestral suite based on accidental music to play Merchant of Venice (production of Habima theater, Palestine, 1936) arranged by Ariel Davydov (commissioned by producers of the film). The piano concerto, Op. 45 was performed for the first time in more than 30 years. 

Sarabanda  composed by Karol Rathaus as a part of incidental music for the “Merchant of Venice” play performed by Habima in Palestine in 1936. Arranged for the orchestra by Ariel Davydov and premiered by The Orchestra Now under the baton of Leon Botstein

Leon Botstein and Edward Smaldone
June Rathaus by Karol's portrait
Jenny Tager-Rathaus and Jason Rathaus (Karol's grandchildren) after the concert
Jason Rathaus with his daughter and niece